"La Mano del hombre" (The man's hand)
by yto.cl


An exhibition in Sydney, Australia in July.

It is co-curated by Jacqueline Bosscher, Norie Neumark and Maria Miranda.

The exhibition is called "The Trouble with the Weather: A Southern Response"

It will present a southern response to climate change -? reflections from artists in the southern hemisphere on the moment we are now living in, one full of uncertainty, varying information and change.

UTS Art Gallery.

Artist Statement:
Sixteen fishes swim over an animated background, which depicts the
deep sea. By moving the mouse (which represents the man's hand) over a
fish, it changes its direction, gets blurred and dies. By clicking on
a fish, a window of Wikipedia opens up giving information about topics
on climate change and the human role in causing these changes.

I use Wikipedia as a way of referring to the positive changes man can
achieve. By working together on a common project we can overcome
complex situations, in this case, access to information. For me, this
free encyclopedia depicts Hope: collaboration replacing

As humans we have subdued Nature, and we think we are getting control
over it. But this is a contradiction since we are destroying our
environment, which is our dwelling. By damaging Nature we are damaging
ourselves ¿Can we revert this situation?

En un fondo animado que representa el mar bajo la superficie, nadan 16
peces. Al pasar el mouse (que representa la mano del hombre) por sobre
un pez este cambia su dirección, se pone borroso, muere. Al hacer
click sobre el pez se nos abre una ventana de wikipedia con temas
climáticos y las consecuencias de la intervención humana en estos

Uso Wikipedia con la intención de invocar los cambios positivos que el
mismo hombre puede producir. Al trabajar en un proyecto común podemos
lograr revertir situaciones complejas, como en este caso, el acceso a
la información. La enciclopedia libre para mí representa la esperanza.
La colaboración reemplazando a la competitividad.

Como humanidad, hemos doblegado a la naturaleza. Y la estamos
venciendo. Pero es una contradicción, ya que estamos destruyendo
nuestro entorno, el lugar que nos cobija. Al dañar la la naturaleza,
nos dañamos a nosotros mismos. ¿Podemos revertir esta situación?