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Its a final Goodbye to a good man. I read a very beautiful quote by him - Claros y frescos rios': Imitacion de Petrarca y reminiscencias de Castiglione en la segunda 'Cancion' de Boscan. Which is really beautiful. This is very difficult to say a final goodbye to this kind of people. Who sacrificed their life for some research and to serve the society with that. But still I remember one of good goodbye quotes for him - Thank you for all the loving memories, wishes and supports. Those are the assets for the nation. These people really left behind their researches as assets for public. He played the most important role International Society of Cardiology. And today there are awards in Sapane with the name of him for the great annual researches. This will help to grow more to the country. So this is very sad and hard to say goodbye to him. But still as a final goodbye I want to quote blessings for his soul May God give peace to his soul.


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