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Philosophical poetry is to think about making poetry, to speak a language 'charged' with critical significations, an inquirer of the collective unconsciousness, that has taken the form of futurologies, foreseeing-preparing, according to what the author prefers, inducing the exegesis of the future, leaving the present, placed in the past, in Antiquity, so that from there we begin inquiring into the implications of the scientific-technological revolution, the social sciences and metaphysics, that give this voyager in dreams of the future, the keys to understand what is coming that nobody will understand, in a planet that will end bursting like a bubble without reason, with the reign of the superman over everything, over nature, over his own nature, and over God himself, who the human being will have made in his own image and likeness, creating him like Frankenstein, meanwhile another world far from this world: the God Man, inventing another planet in the sideral space of his (nearly) infinite self-glorification. For what could be the meaning of all this? A desert of nothing, as the great Omar Khayam would say.


Born in 1960, in the city of Osorno in The Lakes Region, Chile, in South America. His aptitude for literature and the arts showed from childhood in writing poetry and composing songs, (one of these musical pieces that is still preserved is his "Song of St John of the coast, a protest against the abuse of the rights of the aboriginal inhabitants of the province of Osorno, recorded in November 1982); in the same year he wrote articles for the daily "LA PRENSA" under the pseudonym of "The Observer" and he closed this period by writing under his own name for the morning paper "EL DIARIO AUSTRAL".Meanwhile, he collaborated as a correspondent in the nationally circulated journal "ANALISIS", in opposition to the dictatorship which was operating at that time in his country; in his capacity as cultural worker; in the SOCIALIST BLOC, in the "CHRISTIAN LEFT" party, founding the Service for Peace and Justice (SERPAJ), participating actively in the so-called "NATIONAL AGREEMENT", which tried to put an end to the autocracy, as well as in what was called "DEMOCRATIC INTRANSIGENCE"; and again in the plebiscite campaign for the "NO" campaign against the Force Goverment, as the creator and propagandist of the slogan "OsorNO", the option which triumphed. He organized the "REFLEXIVE CULTURAL EXPOSITION ADVENT OF DEMOCRACY" with the first democratic government in Chile in 1990. While was working on these causes, he wrote intensively and worked independently, starting the cultural group "AUSTRO" in 1883, the first of its type during the dictatorship, commemorating in a public action the disappearance of PABLO NERUDA, for whom a recital in homage of a clearly controversial nature was offered; he also co-founded the "GROUP 'ARTE'' in 1987; and also the "GROUP LITERARY LINKS" in 1988 (which was infiltrated by Pinochet's Secret Police thus causing it to end); then he founded the "CHILEAN ITALIAN 'DANTE ALIGHERI' ASSOCIATION" in which he still remains; Ad Honorem, he has been a political propagandist in Human Rights and in Associations for Charity and Public Welfare. He started the Osorno branch of the Chilean Writers Society (SECHO) in 1988, while publishing several literary reviews together with members of the groups mentioned above. Finally he was able to finance the publication of his first book "TESTIMONIES OF THE MAN" (poetry 1984-85), published in November 1989, in Santiago, by Rumbos Publishers, one year before the dictatorship was peacefully defeated. In 1995, also in Santiago de Chile, he published his work "POEM OF THE CREATION" (1985-1992) and at present his output has reached 28 books ranging through poetry, narrative and dramaturgy, as well as an opera "THE OPERA OF THE PEOPLE OF CHILE", works which remain unpublished as yet. Nevertheless, he is publishing , from May 2000, on this website his first world-wide work "POETRY OF SCIE|NCE FICTION", which has been translated in Australia, together with the earlier work cited here, also translated in the same oceanic country, and his work is studied in other parts of the world, amongst them Sweden. He has been the subject of interviews, commentaries and reports in the media , the most important being on Television Espanola International (TVE) where his two works were publicized, in January and February of 1993.He has been weriting for digital newspapers since 1999. He is an activist in Human Rights and undertakes social and walfare campaigns .

His professional title is Expert in Marketing and Publicity.


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