Poetry of Science Fiction

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Mauricio Otero
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¡Welcome to the future!:
the Dexic Era and the Meta Era: "me"?
One alone.

By Mauricio Otero

Pintura de Omar GaticaGod, many; cascades of minds sailing in the soul-space of the 'cyberideos'.Then, thou I shall just say one thing to you: my existence is 'virtual', in the labryinth of a dreamy web. Wake up! This is the time of time, finally there's no end of the end. You can travel through this site as if it were a good old day in the country, and you wilt pick the poppies of thought like daybreak milk, and wilt keep in your memory, like a hard fact, the whole History of a prophet who came from the future to tell you what ocurred with what happened and what is yet to happen as to warn you for some god who has died so that the future can be born with the naked dawn radiating rays of bits.

Pintura de Omar GaticaBreathe deeply, loosen the chains of understanding, and travel through the future understanding what can be understood and dreaming of what there is to dream. (Otherwise,. we would be dead and the jaw of the world would fall like a rock, into the void, crushing our intellect.)

Are you alive? Then this is your best site. Click here (book 1) or here (book 2).



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