Poetry of Science Fiction

book 2
Mauricio Otero
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Pintura de Omar GaticaAnd new beings played at swapping their souls,

in the aurora of the astral dawn.


"I have no mind, but I am thinking."


The legend of death was the same as that of life: endless..


A dream of being overflew the heavy mercury ocean

the silence of time looks, just before the crash!


I am reading the dream of the awakened angels.


The proper cosmos rises in flight and leaves the cosmos. Ah! where?


Where, when, how and why did what did not happen happen?


Pintura digital de Isabel aranda * Yto*The remains of humanity

together with all the religions, finally , dead.

Free, - with neither myths nor fear -,

I wander about the NEW WORLD


in my Beginning.


Eternity? Wounded for a dream of not wanting to wake.


We were not dead but rather dreaming of death.

  • And you, don't you know death then.?
  • Death? No! what is it?
  • The end of life, of existence.
  • No, we'll never die.
  • You're immortal. Wonderful!. But are you always young too?
  • Yes!
  • But don't you get bored always being the same?
  • No! We have a natural mental mechanism that keeps us always entertained, always making new things. (The man kept silent eternally).


Pintura digital de Isabel aranda * Yto*I am something that does not exist

or is about to exist

or that has already existed.

"Oh, it's so good to see my dreams outside of myself, alive."

"I remember as clearly as if it were today the day when I installed the Thought Planner in my brain"

"That's because earlier you had installed the Recuperator of Lost Thoughts".


A mind lost in space

describes future constellations wandering.




Soul, music of light,

where time has been stilled,


and the whole Universe

looks nowhere


  1. "I am the son of my fathers and mothers"
  2. "My father is my son"
  3. "And I was born without parents"


"I was born one day, but I never died"


"When I was born, the world had already vanished"


Or the world never existed.


Till men created another world faraway from this one.


"The computers will be turned off one day."


"Sad, lonely androids will walk aimlessly around the Earth."


God's schizophrenia

heaven's delirium,

an open page so that He can draw,

dreams hovering over the infinite imagination of being.


I go to the depths of my being,

to the infinite


and I swim, soft, mild


I cross black holes

till they reach the other side of my soul.


I am the crew on board the celestial ship that travels through space

looking for God.

out there you can see

a total light

that to me seems a paradise

I advance quickly, like a dream,

transformed into celestial spirit

I fall into the Nothing

and e vap o rate suddenly

inspired by the infinite universe.

The universes talk about God and
the beings and they look at each other


Pintura digital de Isabel aranda * Yto*The sun will explode

with the last waves

they will contemplate the angels of perdition from afar

they will know how to find the tunnel of time

that will bring them back home after

so many millions of years

light in front of them

will lead them to rest in the tender arms of God

who will smile, satisfied by the fulfilled Plan

The end will be the beginning

of another project

in another space-time

in the dynamic Universe



Pintura de Roberto MattaI have detonated my soul this very instant

everywhere particles of fire that become light are launched

everywhere the bubble-whispers of the champagne of my life.

in the infinite my consciousness of the world to other worlds,

goodbye, life,

love, goodbye


thousand sensations of myself


Life has been horrible

though it is nice to see oneself go skywards

with the last birds.

and I wonder driven into the future by my hands

where they go

so faraway from this old world that's been dying

Anguish hangs from the hypothalmus of time

and it would shock me to see sad gazelles crossing feminine

beaches in the absence of man

in celestial landscapes of a being

who sees now now that an enormous hand extinguishes

the sun's wick with his fingertips, -

there's less than a second left for me to hope that this is the hand of God:



Astonished I opened my eyes one day

and I saw a marvel - how gods came riding realities

to shape new worlds

They came singing, everywhere

bringing together the transubstancial elements of eternity

and, without remembering where I had come from,

I began to leap for joy in the midst of the spectacle

the gods greeted me and laughed, putting things together

and I didn't know what to do

I saw skies seas and earth appear

that I had never seen before

plants jungles animals;

a god crazed with joy went by me

and asked me, "How many suns and moons would you like,"

and without thinking I said ten,

and so it was,

soon soon they appeared and their intense light left me unconscious;

when I woke I began to see ten dusks and ten dawns

and since then I have been waiting for the gods to come back

and contemplate me sad and alone.


The mountains are transformed in an instant to seas

seas into the instantaneous buildings that I see now

a curtain of fine light of multicoloured waters

ferments the golden coins of the day that has already gone

like a phantasm of a silk cape transparent

beyond the abyss

devils are falling changing into pure Gods with silver winged souls

the whispers of uncreated time are seen

the prophets of evil come riding insomniac nights

in days dreamt in mottled green dawn light bodies

of creatures unseen until they pass naked on tiptoes through

the crest of dawn, smiling; and

Is it God who arrives after such a long terror?

asks the spirit transformed into a mind of unlimited space

and a coldheat plucks the silent string of the brain,

at the tips of the erect nipples of virgin goddesses;

because they know that we came angels with splendid swords

brandishing secret reproductions of their souls;

they will cry because they have no body where they can send sensation

passengers on the aura line;

gushing like an old heaven,

in deep silence the mauve mountains will be unmade in white marble that will surge molten

from the mouths of volcanos to wash the innocent countryside;

and buildings of sperm will be erected by pitiless women sexual labourers,

where the holy woman was bathed in trance

opening her legs to a joyous God of sick Love, because He himself had written that that old world was going to die.


Dreams are expected

travelling through the space of centuries

incarnating themselves and disincarnating themselves in visions

of the stars


I am thinking with my four new


me, the same?

My soul greets me and whistles old songs of the dawn to me.


Pintura de Omar GaticaIt is not a plant, it's a rain of light, and I am soaked! Even my bones are illuminated, it's not light, it is the sky of another world, now I am flying, I am an angel faster than thought, my dream floats above oceans of mercury, I am gliding, my dazzled lips kiss the sweet sweet feet of a virgin who dozes in a green sky, and my shining glance takes her virginity and she is left laughing to tears, I am bathed with pleasure in halos of honey in a universe that not even God knows, because I am the fourth trinity of a different cosmos where no darkness has ever existed, crowds of transparent souls see me pass in front of them and greet me and some yield to my flight, but I am going further and as a sign I leave them a trail of eternal light that will continue lighting their unlimited lives, now I am celestial music that flies further than the geniuses of all timeless time, breaking the ring of space





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