Poetry of Science Fiction

book 2
Mauricio Otero
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Grabado de Roberto MattaI am a cosmic athlete

in a race against the sky;

I've already gone so far leap-ing the walls of galaxies that now

the echo of God's voice is not heard ,

in spite of the fact that electronic sounds from the void

of the antimatter of my ego shred my soul

like red rays of my own unique immateriality

and now, falling through the acceleration of light,

I fall into the arms of my beloved, Nothing

I breast the tape, but I am so tired

that I don't know if I have won this crazy race ( )


Am I out of or inside the Universe

Am I out of or inside myself?

I know Nothing;

I just feel a tremendous chill

(And Einstein smiles tremulously behind the Atomic Mirror).


Pintura Digital de Isabel Aranda *Yto*The murmur of my laser soul

ventures into the forests of galactic being,

details of new galaxies appear at my astonished step,

in ecstacy I reflect that there are no ends,

and for the first time in my life I feel


and then I understand that in these worlds there is no pain

or sorrow and

I just laugh , laugh,

infinite in my awakening!.


My body sprinkled with stardust

as if this reality were a dream

I wander multicolored throughout the Universe

without ever wanting to wake!

In my swift flight

I have seen no Gods

but I have felt much more

And grateful that this reality is not a dream

I no longer yearn to die, ever! Ah!.


Pintura de Omar GaticaInfinite words wander like stars

through the Universe, so many silent

so many making noise;

they are found with signs

of other unknown worlds

as if they were found with a zero

and suddenly eyes are filled with limitless numbers

and they get cold and cry;

but soon balls of fire come

and unleash the hysterical joy of all times

as if the big bangs were singing

in the beautiful chaos that has made them eternal.


While I dream that I am happy

I am launching my cells into

a radioactive wind of your homonym shadow

in the abyss of the heteronomy of old spirits

that hang from disappeared doctrinal trees.

Where had you been?

My own isotopic aura asks me

with the happy eyes of a drug fruit that laughs at me

far from History.

And my face reappears in a mirror of sleeping quasars

with the soft smile of someone who was sick.

At 16000 kilometers per hour a stubborn planet spins

in my eyes, awake in so much timeless time,

in the orgasmified quadrature of a boiling but

silenced brain.


The laser spirit has been detached from

the body of a being

as if it emerged from the waters of a flock of green suns

that encouraged the transubstantiation of the body,

now, flesh no longer, metal and plastic chips inserted.

My new brain has crossed all frontiers

and I keep being the same I always conscious,

and someone from the past wonders if maybe this wasn't

paradise, eternal life, eternal body?

The Happiness of this new life

is as hedonic as, yes, as amazingly

"wild" and lucid as if it were which they called "God"

so dementedly.


I was naked

the blue dawn clothed me with its coat of atoms;

  • my mind was struggling shaken by strange electric waves of impure sentiment

I ascended to heaven

and I gave back the silence


When androids were invented

by God,

the androids invented him too

and they decided it was not evil to imitate him

and they sowed so many other planets with humanoid amoebas.

Pintura de Omar GaticaE


The planets strike my back

transformed into a dew of love

the voice of a God hits my temples,

the first and only voice that repeated voices

as if life was only dreaming of him

and hoping that "he" would stop dreaming of us.



The Soul of God






through the curved space of time.


Ah! I have cloned my soul!

Hmmm? Some day very soon I will clone God!

Now they talk away from me

free of me, so free that they have cloned the sky

as if they were new stars!

and I myself told them "Grow and multiply!.'

and I left them to go alone through the universe

founding their own universes

their own Gods

their own happiness

far from my own unhappiness!


In the shadow of the old world where my soul left its trace

like the path of its purity, an unremarked inhuman name

a body that WAS once called (what was it?)

"Mauricio Otero"


Without body and without soul, some day

I will have a new mind!.


Flesh of light,

light of sweet flesh

whom you call to,

trumpet of all the mornings.


When God breathed the Universe

the creatures already had wings!.

Because of that they were saved;

they knew the Infinite Secret.


300,000 kilometres per second

is the velocity of the eternity

of the spirit


What am I? well I don't have my soul under control.

I have erased eras and boundaries

I have fled from what I was and now I am a rock

a dead atom or a de-atomized atom

that wanders crazily or remains at peace, what more to give,

but who I am is what I will be at the end without end,

like the natural schizophrenia of believing that there is a God.

What did the dog think when its master put on its leash?

"Free me, sir, from this torture!"



The other day I was in the void

and I felt scared! hey!.

Was God scared when he made the Universe?

2: or was he scared and then he made the universe?

1: Did he sense the empty void that I feel now.


And man remembered

the electronic perfume of the rose

Ah, watts in the heart

of the soul!


I have several minds in mind

spiritual petals

to see God.

(.and each petal was a dream of the Creator.

.without beginning. or end.


I have abandoned my soul

and I have thrown it to the winds

of liberty

Even as "I" fret in the body's prison.


"Distracted, like when God forgot to create the world"

"Distracted, like when God forgot to give himself a Soul

to make the world."


Cosmic angels,

sing of the dust of blue mirrors:

"Red. Green. Yellow."

"All the skies pass quickly, fugitive

through the prism of another real world

as real as any."


I disname myself. I am anyone

I do not even exist, Now.

Nothing is the last thing that I was


Time dreamed that I was dreaming it,

Pintura de Omar Gaticaand I AWAKE.

Time awoke from its dream of passing and went back to sleep.


"Here, The Universe!

Is there SOMETHING There Outside?"



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