Poetry of Science Fiction

book 2
Mauricio Otero
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Pintura de BasquiatWe swapped minds

as the blue and magenta waters flowed

finally I was able to see from afar

inasmuch as the others could not see me

The machines began to absorb

the countryside, musicless, in the silence

of the image held by God

It was the beginning of the hallucinations

of the robot machines:

when man had stopped imagining

when his mind was absorbed by artefacts

and these new beings walked the highways,

they walked the streets, absorbing and absorbing faces

It was the uniform meta-face that created

the artificial intelligence that was stealing our faces;

soon the void would seize our bodies;

and the Meta-human Project finished

by depersonalizing the world injected with ice!.

The foretold Dexic Era was coming

now there would be no more hope: everything was ready: a militarily

organised Age, a straightline Age

("I will yawn sleepily in the capsule of lethargy")

Fotografía de Frank SpringerI saw the last God

crying skyscrapers

and computers

above the laser streets

empty and mute and soporific.)

Before, we had been in such a rush

that we ended by collapsing

in coitus interruptus with

our faces covered in blue metallic blood

exploded against the penultimate galaxy.


Pintura de Samy Benmayor.When the world President

  • who was the boss of the Only World Supramarket

  • spoke on its universal television

  • the unipersonal Web of the Proprietary Executive of the planet Earth

announcing that "now we would have access to the interplanetary market and we would be able to do business at intergalactic level",

all of us employees, all the inhabitants of the whole planet,

lowered our heads and yawned

in front of the latest harddreamware.

But we had attacked the order of the chief

we obeyed and had to buy.

we were born ordered, we were born readymade to be controlled

without swearing or absolving ourselves.

But what colossal big business was our President doing with the Multigalactic Sperm Enterprises

Only another time we had to work and work and work and buy and buy.

The reason was always the same: it was a GOOD DEAL,

and if it was good for the president, it was good for us too.

("The anxiety to buy the new harddreamware filled us with satisfaction! "But why does the President wait so long to sign? I want to buy now, right now!.)

Produce-and-buy, simultaneously and instantaneously.

Our Golden President was our "God" (What an archaic word this was! We did not know it and we did not understand it.")

But everything was coming from the future,

Everything was going to happen so that we would happen and

Nothing more was going to happen to us.

The economic prognostications of the market

Were promises for the next two thousand years;

There was nothing to worry about.

Now advertising did not exist, It had been extinguished

in the antiquity of the postmodern world

There was a single election, the election for everyone;

the President said it,

We had to buy his wares and this would surely make us happy.

Pintura digital de Isabel Aranda *Yto*Finally, in the past, the Golden President had defeated

all competition;

Now the boss was ONLY ONE, and all the rest, all of us were his employees.

At last we were all "communists" - consumers.

(But no one knew the word communist; it had been decreed by an old man to exist in prehistory.

We were happy now; why worry, there was nothing to think about,

all that questioning; happiness was buying the wares of the President.

("We give you thanks for letting us buy")

But there was silence, a dangerous silence.

Even more, we kept buying and buying

Until the Boss of the World had a better offer and sold

Planet Earth to an intergalactic Commission -

Everyone cried anxiously when we learnt that he had gone off to another planet

with a similar cargo;

Now we would have to work for extraterrestrials.


When the spirit came into the machine

I left the machine

("The machines will inherit our spirits")

Before that, I met prophets who brought up nets from the sea filled with skyscrapers and cemeteries

which flew above the cities

Then afterwards, the uncivilised world civilisation abandoned the planet as unlivable and went away forever:

I am more present here in that waste, alone, alone and

the last man on Earth who has not just died died died

Brothers. Where are you?

You, the abandoned ones

In what secret vulva of heaven are the dreams of the last unconscious being kept?

Do they keep implementing the Reproduction in series?

Perhaps you inherited heaven?

Further from heaven.

They had wrapped Paradise in nylon;

I only ask: was it taken with you?

Afterwards, when at the ends of the Dexic Era

idiom ceased to be language and it was only computation,

silence stuck to the skin of the tongue like frozen sweat,

and now none spoke and none embraced any origin,

When no one feared, no one should have feared:

The World Market devoured them in pieces

And spat them out phlegmatically.

Pinturaand when there was nothing left to do now in the hypermarkets,

They devoured each other

The days with their icy rubber tongues licked

The temples of the computer master,

And with nothing happening, I understood the last fulfilled prophecy:

Apostasy, in the grey tedium that everything was sleeping in.

The same silence shut up and the void dropped over the Earth

dryness of infamy;

rage and screamless pain was the character of the Wound.

the complete being was the only one that accompanied himself

The superclass had ruled the world;

afterwards, they called him Planetary President,

while they were yawning,

and the employees of the globe were divided and disunited,

isolated in the webs of their capsules.

A prophet had spoked a millennium before niche hotels;

there the one who fitted and nobody else would fit;

while the President and his global executives smiled:

such unlimited means seen to their limited ends


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