Poetry of Science Fiction

book 2
Mauricio Otero
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Pintura digital de Isabel aranda * Yto**

My dreams shoot from me to the whole cosmos

with their powerful breath they raise majestic worlds

that enliven sex torn by my passion,

they leave those sadnesses of ghosts and hopes that will not find any benediction but to be lost in

the spaces of mental torment

Aieeeeeeeeee, I am screaming because the world hurts me so

I drag my sick self along the path of "destiny" that I change

with my madness of being immortal transmortal;

because I spit omens through each bubble of blood in my

heart, so that rivers of red ether bring this miserable

life to the infinite limits of God,

where where, yes, I am screaming where, where are you

Lord of those without god,

the earth that clouds my eyes

with its death and its life, does not let me breathe in this

journey of temples of the thinking ova and over-flowing semen

of my unidexic body; but I AM defying the devil who wants to stop me, and I put him behind me

in my grief and in my indomitable ignacion

I've already had enough dementia with my brains bursting

all my life, because of that, I pierce, I crack and I conquer all the virgins frontiers, with all the ineffable rage of having been through this world of idiots and alter egos

as an artist married to the nature that was divine

between coitus and death di-vine

I AM firing my new realities, from those dreams torn apart

by men who always denied me;

here, there, dreams of me! incarnate!

om! celestial rays and again Om!

planets and deformed stars explode in my face

as my god shouts and his demonic fire burns me, burns me,

burns me with the reason for being, why and what for;

I keep travelling on my own cosmic excess,

not to conquer, but to free from false dreams those creatures of shit and blood who will explode like me without being already me,

and so that in some future time they want to reach my flight but I will be Fuuuuuuurrrther then

and I will have died and revived so many times

that I will not remember nor recognise

because my destiny will not be their destinies

and there will be no more shadow of evil in those magnificent magnitudes

that will be hurled into the void of the shapeless after them,

without the end mattering to them, because I am the end

and I have no end!.


Even though in five thousand million years

Heaven will merge with Hell

God with the Devil

I will be alive with you

my deflowered virgin

through our Love!


Pintura digital de Isabel aranda * Yto*Time passes through me,

me, I pass through time.

I am no more than the one who passes through everything which has passed

Heaven, there is no earth to see;


Earth, there is no heaven

to ascend to and breath

Sunless sky

earth with nothing but shining

Now there will be not be the longed for skyquake.

nor the feared earth and sea quakes

Sun, there is no earth that shines!


-And she, where could she be?

  • She got on sea number 24 and flew
  • -And he, did he go with her?
  • No, he took the sky and fell


Pintura digital de Isabel aranda * Yto*I am at the same time

in Heaven and on Earth

Maybe I am not God and the Devil

in One Only

I germinate as I rot

already light and darkness are undifferentiated

in both my body and soul.

I am the only space time

that liberates and imprisons

beings and things

And you, where are you?

what is happening to you?

Place does not hold you

as time does not pass for you.

If you want to be in the middle

between living and dying

unite yourself with the poetry of the Moment;



The sea I fill with light from water

I fill the sky:

the iridescent soul singing


making itself watery with whispers

in the mother's belly

of my spirit

Give me a piece of light forever

so that I can give you a face of water:

there you have a piece of liquid azure

so that you can fashion the clear sound of my star.


To become visible to today,

I empty from within

I fill from without

I empty from afar

To go to tomorrow

I empty I empty from within and

from afar

To go home seeing time dilute in the nothing

emptied like God

of stars;


Pintura digital de Isabel aranda * Yto*He was dragged to the world

with the dawn falling

on his eyes

and the world abandoned

the world:

now he had nothing

because everything was made before

its unmaking;

and we were all born empty

and destroyed by the nihilism of those gods.


The sky of the sky is red

and green

and golden, only sometimes;

the black hair of God

liquefies my naked



at the endless


I went home

over the black eye-holes

of the Giver

and I was able to rest in peace without torment


by each palpitation of his heart

Oh Lord of the Forgotten, YOU alone, You were the only one that did not forget me!


Space is the mind

and the brain is the self-contained Universe.

and the dark matter?


The aurora was sewn to the silken hairs of God;

boreal angels strummed a vegetal lyre

that deeply breathed a planet that was coming;

lost prophets wandering through the beaches of absence;

angels flowed in their minds, rays of love; but it had to be made concrete; a moan was heard:

"Take them to the sun!" and god men brought him to earth;

they nailed him to dominion, and blacksmiths forged diamonds

that soon that soon were incrusted in the sun in the constellation of the southern cross

The star king cries now and already ghoniza his light in the radiant eyes of a new day;

(perhaps you thought that another day would not come?:

tomorrow you will hold him dancing on the beaches of your happiness

with the smile of a Maker in heaven!.)


My mind sails

through the clear waters of my being

the wind fills the sails of my soul!

and now I sail in the infinite freedom of the sky!.


It is the End

I hold God, dead, in my arms.

What will I do now alone?

in this unknown universe, empty, starless





Digital picture by Giovanna Otero.









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