Santiago de Chile.
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Año 7

Escáner Cultural. El mundo del Arte.
Número 77
Octubre 2005


A. Sughi, Man with dog, 2005

A.Sughi, Man with dog, 1964, National Art Gallery, Budapest

Sughi, Interior with girl (2005)

Sughi, Park with yellow house, 1990

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recent publications: (Sept. 2005)

"This is a very curious situation indeed. You stand in a queue in front of a museum. One exhibition attracts 30,000 people, another one, 100,000, yet another one, 20,000. It’s viewed in terms of a market survey. But nobody tries to understand why it attracts so many people. It is difficult to imagine, as I have already said, why people go to see an exhibition and then hurry on to another one that is completely different. And of course, more often than not, they can't even manage to see the paintings on view properly, because there are continuously people passing in front of them. It is rather like going to hear a concert where people are making so much noise that you can’t hear the music."

07/29/2005: "Is Painting Dead?" by Alberto Sughi



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