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isabel aranda,

your mail art show sounds great.

SPAM Yourself Silly/SPAM Usted Mismo Tonto.  is at
http://plasmastudii.org/spam/spam.html   text shown is in both English
and Spanish.

"spam" (the nick-name for junk e-mail messages) often comes hundreds
a day.  there are countless programs and email techniques to "block"
spam, however some always gets through.  the sheer numbers make it
impossible to control.  Once the junk mail arrives, however,
marketing people, psychologists and hi-end internet programmers,
brainstorm ways to get recipients to actually open these sales

the companies sending junk messages regularly use methods far beyond
the capabilities of most recipients, even most programmers.  why?  if
the recipients simply do not want these messages, why are they going
to ridiculous lengths to trick those recipients into opening them?

in this piece, the messages become the user fills in a form with
their email address and on submitting is sent 15 junk messages, as if
addressed from themselves.  the subjects also contain the user's
email account name with one of 200+ unpredictable spoof subjects.
for example: hey ytoaranda, earn viagra working from home".

once opened, the body of the emails question the very use of email,
when one is never sure which to read.  why do people choose to make
it increasingly impossible or impractical to sort the important
information from the trivial sales pitches.  by rendering email
ultimately less useful, isn't that just like setting your own boat
afire mid-sea?

is email gradually destroying the use for email itself, only to
result in us abandoning the desire for email.

this piece uses a PHP script, which can be uploaded to run like any
web page from a server (servers are generally the only computers that
run php scripts)  PHP functions like a CGI script (written in perl or
c) with a nearly transparent install process.

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